Reality is so much more than what we can imagine..Isaac Cohen

The healthcare industry has always met its challenges by evolving alongside the breakthroughs and innovations in technology, and the future is not going to be any different.

The shift to a value-based world is bringing the focus onto adapting, innovating, evolving and embracing new technologies.

‘Immertive’ was founded by an experienced team who understands the healthcare domain as well as deep-technologies, to address the challenges the healthcare industry is presented.

VR,AR and MR  is at the forefront of a paradigm shift with moving from an information age to an experience age. We use these technologies as a narrative medium to create Engaging, Compelling, Interactive, Intuitive, Involving and Social experiences.

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Re-imagining Healthcare

We work alongside industry leaders in co-innovating and co-creating a growing library of engaging, magical experiences – called “Immertive” experiences, that make it a compelling value to lead to a subscription based revenue model from the following market segments:

  • Medical Universities & Nursing Schools: Interactive and Immersive Learning with Intelligent Clinical Simulators that replace dumb mannequins;
  • Medical Professionals: Continuing Medical Education and Skill Enhancement modules; Pre-surgical Planning Tools using AR
  • Patients & Caregivers: Therapeutic Aids, Patient Education & Sensitization;
  • Pharma Companies: Marketing & Sales Tools for engaging customer experiences;
  • Medical Device Manufacturers: Virtual Device Simulators for Marketing, Sales, Training and Remote Equipment Servicing;
  • Medical Publishing: Augmented Reality enhancement of text books and journals.

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